The Cangelosi Firm is a unique type of firm that provides “big firm” expertise and services, but operates as a personal, client-first boutique.  

We specialise in the following

Criminal and traffic matters

Our Principal, Fabiano Cangelosi, has been practising for over a decade at the highest levels of the Tasmanian criminal court system as defence counsel in complex trials and appeals, and as a prosecutor for several local governments around Tasmania. 

Fabiano has built a reputation for strategic development of the defence case before trial, and a relentless tactical approach at trial.

Fabiano is also counsel of choice for a number of other Hobart firms.

Intentional torts

Battery, false imprisonment, assault, and property damage frequently occur when police exceed the limits of their powers. The experience of this conduct is often humiliating and degrading.

We believe that where people have experienced the consequences of unlawful activity by members of government agencies, it is essential that they have advice about their prospects in litigation against the State.


Our Principal, Fabiano Cangelosi, has developed significant experience in the supervision of complex public-interest investigations, including in relation to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and misfeasance in public office.

If you wish to discuss such a matter in a confidential setting protected by legal professional privilege, we would like to hear from you.